Amazing Cake Design, Too Good to Eat!

Amazing Cake Design, Too Good to Eat!

Our BDM Rachael recently visited the Cake International Baking show at Manchester's Event City... she was amazed at how fantastic the cakes on display were, and how many cake gadgets and accessories there really are!

The unbelievable designs were for all occasions and they looked far too good to eat! There were wedding cakes, birthday cakes, christening, Cupcakes, and all the paraphernalia that goes with decorating them: jewells, lace icing, chocolate shoes and flowers, porcelain and sugar flowers. Mary Berry and Mich Turner decorated cakes and created recipes in front of live audiences, which was inspiring and a talent in itself.

You would never guess that the below image is a cake; it could pass as a model design....


The point being made is that cake baking and designing and decorating is most definitley an Art and the creative design skill set is absolutely fantastic and a true talent!  Maybe we should start pushing bespoke cake designs as ways of marketing our clients businesses and organisations, sending out  fantastic branded cakes out to prospective clients! (don't worry, we're only joking... but it may be worth considering for some clients especially those in the cake decorating industry)


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