Blab 15

Blab 15

Our designers attended the latest BLAB at Band on the wall in Manchester. Talks were from Tom Muller and Kyle Bean who both are extremely talented people.

During Toms’ talk, he spoke about not keeping to one area of design and how he is always flexible with what briefs he takes on. One day he could be working on a comic book logo, the next he could be designing a website for a popstar. He’s hugely influenced by comic books from a young age, and is now enjoying designing for the industry amongst lots of other things.

Kyle showed a great display of his work, he has such a incredible skill working with paper and other materials.

His portfolio really does speak volumes and you can see why he was worked for such a great list of clients in a short space of time. One particular piece I really enjoyed looking at was the advert he created for Peugeot. The hours that were spent to make a 30 second advert are mind blowing. Luckily Kyle had the animators from Aardman to help with filming. You can view the advert here.

A print was given out at the end of the talks which was designed by May Ninth. It’s a great print and is ready to be put up in our studio.

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